Medal Entries


Welcome to the 2017 Medal Exams for
The International Dance Studio!

Parents please double check with your teacher or child about the Medals they are doing.
Most candidates are completing more than 1 Medal.
Such as a Ballroom AND Latin Medal = a quantity of 2. 

How do I pay and register?

You can now register your exam online by following the simple steps above:

1. Select your Medal Grade

2. Select Your Age Category

3. Select Your Quantity.
Example: If you're Medal Grade is Leisure 2 Adult; Latin, and you are doing 3 Medals in the Standard and New Vogue Medals you would select 3 as the quantity.

Once your payment has been instantly processed you are officially registered!

I have special requests...

Please let your teacher know of any special requests from the day. The Medal exams start early morning from the Leisure Medals progressing up through to Gold by the evening.

What do I wear?

All Medal candidates must be in suitable dance attire. Competition wear is not allowed unless permission is granted by your teacher and generally only for Silver medals and above.


Is my exam refundable?

After Thursday 23rd September all Medal test entries will be entered into the system and trophies, medals and associated expenses will be booked and planned for, therefore refunds after this date will not be given. 

What does this online entry cover?

It will cover the cost of the medals, administration, Medal Registration, examiner hire, travel costs, food costs and accommodation costs plus associated taxes. Medal Candidates will have free entry on the exam date.

All spectators including family and friends will be required to pay admission, to cover hall costs, administration and running costs, which is not covered in this entry, on the day as follows:

Candidates and Under 10: Free
10-12 Years Old: $10
13-18 & Over 65 Years Old: $12
Adults: $15