Gold Wedding Dance


The Gold Wedding Dance is for those who have last minute dance preparations to make or only want a once through to make sure they look comfortable on the dance floor.

In one lesson we can have you looking clean, elegant and like you've been rehearsing for weeks...but that will be our secret.

If you're short on time, have less than week or simply want to try us out before proceeding to take more lessons then this is the wedding dance package for you.

We have taught hundreds of wedding dance couples in Canberra and know we will help you look and feel great even in just one wedding dance lesson.

Here is an overview of the Gold Wedding Dance:

  • 1 hour private wedding dance lesson
  • Experienced and qualified dance teacher
  • Overview of wedding dance entry, basic dance group and wedding dance exit

How do I book my only Gold Wedding lesson?

  1. Upon purchasing this package you will be issued a receipt as proof of purchase.
  2. We will then find a suitable teacher
  3. The teacher will call you within 24 hours to finalize your lesson and time up to 1 week in advance.

What if I really like my Gold Wedding dance lesson and want more?

There is no limit to the amount of lessons you can add after your first. Lessons are $99 per hour up to the 5th lesson. As a thank you, after your 5th lesson the price is only $95 per lesson for continuation of your Wedding Dance lessons with us.

If time permits we recommend you have as many lessons as you need to feel comfortable on the floor. Also depending on the level of performance you may require more Wedding dance lessons. Typically between 3-5 lessons are recommended for a 1-3 minute song. 

Can I book more than 1 week in advance?

Because you can pre-purchase your Gold Wedding Dance up to a year in advance we recommend, unless you have a specific schedule to keep to, book your lesson 1 week in advance to avoid missing any lessons.

How far out from my lesson can I pre-purchase my Gold Wedding Dance?

You can pre-purchase any of our Wedding Dance Packages up to 1 year in advance! 

But, I am not getting married can I gift this Gold Wedding Dance?

You surely can! We have found this is an excellent gift idea. It gives couples a very unique experience that they will treasure for a lifetime. They can never throw it out and nor will they ever forget it.

We have found wedding dance couples to take a minimum of 3 lessons and that's why our Platinum package is so popular. You can view it here before making a final decision.

Once you've chosen your wedding dance package, simply add it to the cart and check out.

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Please remember we have a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect for all Private and Wedding dance lessons. If you need to reschedule or cancel simply let us know within 24 hours or you risk forfeiting a lesson as your time could have been used for another couple. 

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