Carefree Wedding Package

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Please make sure you have spoken to Vaughan via Facebook Messenger to confirm all your lesson dates BEFORE you buy along with the following:

1. Your Wedding Date

2. Amount of Lessons 

3. 3 x BEST days and times between Tuesday - Saturday 9am-9pm.

+ Any other info or questions you have.

We cannot promise you lessons if you buy before confirming due to the demand for lessons. 

The Carefree Wedding Dance Package is ideal for couples who want to give themselves the full dance experience.

We have combined the best of both worlds with this package - our Group Classes and our special private Wedding lessons.

Perhaps you would like to start off in one of our Starter or Beginner group classes to get some basic moves under your belt in dances like the Waltz, Cha Cha, Quickstep, Jive and Slow Rhythm. 

Then at a time that suits you, simply book in to start your first of six private Wedding dance lessons. 

You'll find you are very prepared to make the most of your Wedding dance lessons and it will make learning a routine easier plus you will be able to do extra special moves because of the added group class work.

Our promise is your Wedding Dance would never look better with our customized dance lessons, music of your choice combined with 6 hours of professional tuition to guide you through creating the most amazing dance for your special day.

As a special gift for your first lesson you will both have two glasses of champagne to help yourself relax into it. You may also choose to use this for your last lesson as a celebration.

Also note that the special 8 Dance Card for your group classes is normally limited to one per person, but if you buy the Carefree package you will be able to share the card, saving you $150.


How do I book my Carefree Wedding Package?

Simple and straightforward we have teachers ready to work with you and can promise to find a time that suits you, even if you've never called us, spoken with us and came straight to this page - we will find you a place and time.

  1. BUY. Select your package and that will guarantee your spot in the future at a time that suits your schedule.
  2. SIT BACK & RELAX. Let us do the heavy lifting, we will then find a suitable teacher.
  3. THE CALL. The teacher will call you within 24 hours to book your lesson, discuss your plans and book you in at a time that suits you [typically Monday-Friday after 5pm is best but you can discuss other options on this call].
  4. GROUP CLASSES. You can then start in the next enrollment of our Adult Group Class as soon as you like. There will be an "8 Dance Card" for you at reception which you will get clipped each time you share a lesson together.

Please note we will take great care and attention to detail for your Wedding lesson and the first lesson is geared towards the proper planning, direction, and outcomes along with an introduction to the dance, dance style/s, and song. You'll walk out of this lesson with a full plan and confidence going forward.


Here is an overview of the Carefree Package:

  • 6 one hour private dancing lessons
  • 4 Adult Stater Group classes (Monday- Wednesday) for you both
  • Champagne on arrival of first lesson or use on the last
  • Experienced and qualified dance teacher
  • Music selection help
  • Our Wedding Dance Action Plan Form
  • Entry on the floor and exit off the floor
  • Tailored dance routine and choreography
  • Added spins, dips, lifts and trick choreography at your option
  • Bonus: As the 6th lesson in this package is already calculated at the thank-you rate of $95, each additional lesson will be $95 per lesson if you decide to continue. You can add more lessons now by selecting from the menu above.

    What if I really like my Carefree Wedding Package and want more lessons?

    Each lesson is $99 up to the 5th lesson. In the carefree package we have added the 6th lesson into this product's price at $95 already. You will still receive the thank you rate of $95 per lesson if you decide to keep learning with us.

    How many lessons will I need to look comfortable on the floor?

    If time permits we recommend you have as many lessons as you need to feel comfortable on the floor. Also depending on the level of performance you may require more Wedding dance lessons. Typically 5 lessons will have you very well prepared, confident and ready for your big day. The more complex or performance based you want your routine the more lessons you will need as a general rule.

    Can I book more than 1 week in advance?

    Because you can pre-purchase your Carefree Wedding Package up to a year in advance we recommend, unless you have a specific schedule to keep to, book your lesson 1 week in advance to avoid missing any lessons.

    How far out from my lesson can I pre-purchase my Carefree Wedding Package?

    You can pre-purchase any of our Wedding Dance Packages up to 1 year in advance!

    What if I want a to buy more than 6 Wedding Dance Lessons?

    We often have couples who want to treat themselves and give an extra wow factor. So adding more lessons right now is easy. Above you will see an option to add up to 10 lessons in advance. The additional 4 lessons above already include the thank-you rate of only $95 per lesson, which will help you save and plan well in advance.

    But, I am not getting married can I gift this Carefree Wedding Package?

    You surely can! We have found this is an excellent gift idea. It gives couples a very unique experience that they will treasure for a lifetime. They can never throw it out and nor will they ever forget it.

    Once you've chosen your wedding dance package, simply add it to the cart and check out.

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    Please remember we have a 24 hour cancellation policy in effect for all Private and Wedding dance lessons. If you need to reschedule or cancel simply let us know within 24 hours or you risk forfeiting a lesson as your time could have been used for another couple. By purchasing any of our online products you agree to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Anti-Spam Policy and Refund Policy.

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