About Us

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About Us

Vaughan & Alison are the Principals of The International Dance Studio. For over a decade they have studied, trained and compete in DanceSport both nationally and internationally being coached by the world's leading trainer's.

They are three times Australian Professional World 10 Dance Representatives and Australian Professional Latin, Ballroom & New Vogue finalists in National Championships. 

Alison and Vaughan both "took their first steps together" in their late teenage years, under the guidance of Penny de Kauwe. Penny learned from the late Alex Moore, one of the pioneers of the Ballroom Technique. Over many years of lessons, coaching and mentoring she passed on the wisdom she gained to Vaughan and Alison.

In their first 5 years Vaughan and Alison went from absolute beginner to Open Grade in each separate style of Ballroom, Latin American and New Vogue dancing. One of the fastest ascension's in Australian DanceSport history.

They were then honored to receive the prestigious "B.B.M Ballroom Dance Scholarship" in which only one couple per year from the country can attain. This gave them a large portion of money to travel and train in the UK where they competed in their first International World Championship called the Blackpool Dance Festival.

It was here they realized their first goal had become a reality. The opportunity afforded them introductions to the world's leading DanceSport coaches such as Former Multiple World Champions Richard and Anne Gleave and Michael Stylianos and Lorna Lee. 

During this time they set new goals to move back to London and within 2 years Alison quit her job and Vaughan left his business behind and the ventured to the United Kingdom to pursue their ultimate goal of becoming Australian 10 Dance Representatives.

Vaughan also co-founded one of the world's first live-streaming dance channels and on-demand dance lesson websites DSI-London.TV. 

As they poured their hearts into training, competing, studying and learning at the highest level of dance, the received the news that Penny was retiring.

It was at this point that Vaughan and Alison decided to return home and create The International Dance Studio to continue her legacy and bring the latest innovations and technique back from London.

Finally during their move back to Australia they qualified to be the 2012, 2013 & 2014 World Professional 10 Dance Representatives. Finally achieving their major goal after setting it together 10 years earlier. 

From humble beginnings to championship level dancing they have a unique passion and excitement for dance that will inspire you to reach beyond what you think is possible. 


You are invited to join for a class or lesson with either Vaughan, Alison or one of their highly-qualified teachers. 

Our core focus is on fun, quality and creating beautiful dancers at all ages and skill levels. 

The studio is catered for social or hobby dancing. Our pathway will allow you to go as high as you like from the starter dance class through to the medal class, performance groups, recreational competition to DanceSport competition or world championship level dancing.

Vaughan and Alison look forward to seeing you in the studio and want you to remember that "anyone can dance!"