Diamond Wedding Dance

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During this special time, we want to make things as easy as we can for you.

STEP 1: Please contact us via Facebook Messenger before buying a package.

PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PACKAGE WITHOUT PRIOR INSTRUCTION AS THERE ARE MULTIPLE PRICES FOR THIS PACKAGE DEPENDING ON THE TEACHER THAT IS AVAILABLE. We don't want to have to awkwardly refund your purchase for you to buy a different package if you.

We cannot promise you lessons if you buy before confirming due to the demand for lessons. 

The Diamond Wedding Dance Package is perfect for those couples who want to give themselves a little more indulgence whilst learning to dance.

They say Diamonds are forever but so is your Wedding dance. We take great pride in being Canberra's most sought after Wedding dance specialists.

The wedding dance is not just about a dance routine as anyone could copy it from the internet. There is something magical about learning to dance together, something that bonds and connects you on a deeper level.

During your pre-wedding season with all that it entails your wedding dance lessons should give you a sense of enjoyment, lots of fun and an experience that follows you both for your life together.

When you finish your Diamond Wedding Package you will be confident, look amazing and have a routine that will move your friends, family and loved ones.

You will create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. 



    Please note we will take great care and attention to detail for your Wedding lesson and the first lesson is geared towards the proper planning, direction, and outcomes along with an introduction to the dance, dance style/s, and song. You'll walk out of this lesson with a full plan and confidence going forward.


    Here is an overview of the Diamond Package:

    • 5 x 45-minute private dancing lessons
    • Experienced and qualified dance teacher
    • Music selection help
    • Entry on the floor and exit off the floor
    • Tailored dance routine and choreography
    • Added spins, dips, lifts and trick choreography at your option

      What if I really like my Diamond Wedding Package and want more lessons?

      You can simply book as many as you need to feel confident.

      Lessons are $110 each after your package finishes, unless you want to buy another package.

      Can I book more than 1 week in advance?

      Because you can pre-purchase your Diamond Wedding Package up to 6 months in advance we recommend unless you have a specific schedule to keep to, book your lesson 1 week in advance to avoid missing any lessons.

      What if I want a to buy more than 5 Wedding Dance Lessons?

      We often have couples who want to treat themselves and give an extra wow factor. So adding more lessons right now is easy. Above you will see an option to add up to 10 lessons in advance. 

      But, I am not getting married can I gift this Diamond Wedding Package?

      You surely can! We have found this is an excellent gift idea. It gives couples a very unique experience that they will treasure for a lifetime. They can never throw it out and nor will they ever forget it.

      Once you've chosen your wedding dance package, simply add it to the cart and check out.


      Please remember we have a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect for all Private and Wedding dance lessons. If you need to reschedule or cancel simply let us know within 24 hours or you risk forfeiting a lesson as your time could have been used for another couple. 

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